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October 1st, 2017

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factors by examining the patient while fasting and at rest, the

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nature of a reno-renal reflex, but it cannot be doubted that whatever

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rubber tube is to be preferred, which, if possible, is to be

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types of Respiration Apparatus, including the "Gasometer" type.

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and its findings interpreted by his scale. We saw no mention of

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gave an impetus to research which has been productive of

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time ago some of them were collected in book form. Now we are

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salt, should be given early in the morning, in order to

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practice is at best most unsatisfactory work, and the doctor

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which are such painful and distressing complications in prostatic

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self to the method of anti-tuberculous serotherapy intro-

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to, say stricture of the flexure or colon, then life may,

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his abuse of alcohol, and is now suffering from morning vomiting

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taken an hour after eating. An extra dose in case of pain.

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possibility of asserting positively just what degree of structural

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the bile empty into the aboral loop. In this class of experiments there is usually no fatal out-

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2640 to 4120 c.c. or an average of 3160 c.c. in the twenty-four hours.

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