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October 1st, 2017

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tion of wax is recent, a brownish frothy liquid will be

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chronic ulcer, and upon this the germ of cancer is engrafted,

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disappearance. On the other hand, the majority of urines which

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presence of dij)htheria Vjacilli in the throats of many healthy persons

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divided into three forms : seborrhoea eczemaformis,

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degenerative conditions of the bones and joints are concerned, three

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While the adipose tissue is affected primarily, changes in other

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it might otherwise be impossible or difficult, although some-

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. Deration, and to continue it for at least a month.

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culosis, and I should willingly call them partial medica-

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articles (revised and brought up to (hite) that were published in the

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but passive movements and massage are regularly used after

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ful ulcers. After two years of great misery she decided to

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currence, none ; danger of secondary abscess, none. The

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instructive. Combining the statistics collected by Drs.

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was made to keep away from the central part of the spinal

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termined. Occasionally, without any such treatment,

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as the second week after the appearance of the fistula and taking place

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of evidence by ascertaining that healthy sparrows could be

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Sevcfral interesting discussions are arranged for, and the

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tional disturbance affecting the alimentary canal is capable of start-

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recorded 17. Drs. Jobiu, F. X. Douin and J. Marcoux,

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the conditions which have to be met and overcome in large

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extremity. Those which have thus far been studied have not a value

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the Secretary of the Society, who keeps a constantly

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drachm of fresh sweet butter ; a little more to older chil-

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meet me here to-day is to join with you, as the leading re-

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He was admitted with a temperature of 101°, a pulse of 88, and