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October 1st, 2017

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hernial canal by exerting a constant pull upon the overlapping
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the abolition of the army post exchange or canteen has re-
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Here the signs of bronco-pneumonia may complicate, or
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of bacteria were oljtained in each instance. These were Bacillus
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number of leukocytes in some of the cases are additional factors which
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this class. He has found the acute effects of hard drinking
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Medica and Therapeutics is a welcome advance on the pit-vious
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injections has practically no effect in the severe chronic cases.
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August. 1921). An anaesthesia that will not apprecia-
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Talma, R. : Die Magenmukosa bei pemizioesor Anemie, Med.
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compared with the process which gives rise to the formation of
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Lvon-Smith. H. L. — The Protean Applications of An-
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neck of the hernia that there could hardly have been any inter-
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its blood supply, is one of the first organs to show the change. In
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The Relation of Tetany to the Parathyroid Glands and to Galcimn Met-
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is an excellent opportunity to effect a complete cure. Ovarian tumors,
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recommend an appropriation of money from the treas-
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It is advisable to make a determined effort early to con-
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liable to upset the stomach when given by the mouth, or to
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The Treatment of Acute Articular Rheumatism.^PLEHN (Deut. med.
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portant symptom of acute pancreatitis has recently been called to
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ferred upon him at the meeting in Ottawa one year ago.
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signs were those of decided jaundice, with contracted liver, enlarged
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no clinical means by which the diagnosis of t}^hoid fever can be
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the first the trouble is not the consequence of a functional disorder limited
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year, in fact, were treated precisely alike, and, to be fair, so
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of peptic ulcer either by gastroenterostomy alone or