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October 1st, 2017

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others with which we are so prone to envelope our own mistakes.

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(Med. Record. 1909, iii, 93) report 30 cases of typhoid fever treated by

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properly diluted, was injected on the flexor surface

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I will admit, however, that there are some cases where, in

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cartilage in the beginning of pulmonary tuberculosis. This led to

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write a book that will present the best teaching of modern gynecology

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tionately less interfered with. In order to prevent the

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to the days of his reputation. Joy comes in the climbing,

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being constricted is increased. The same procedure can

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peristaltic wave, called the " sphincter antrum pylori," has disappeared,

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disease. 2.6 per cent, of the cases occurred in the male breast. One

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tuberculous meningitis, dysentery, hepatitis, etc. When

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a small fraction of a milligram or a cubic centimeter or more.

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ing which gave no relief. She was a very large, obese woman,

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extracts. The inhibitory factor of extracts of the suprarenal gland

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Some Figures on Oaesarean Section. liy John M. Bimie,

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serious cases and in those in which there is any indication of intracranial

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observance, we fear, would considerably deplete the income of some

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maintain frequent peristalsis and a daily evacuation of the

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is that atropine can be advantageously used as a substitute for morphine

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hepatic flexure, carrying with it the transverse colon. The splenic

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and quite cyanosed. A hasty examination revealed the fact

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hemorrhage. Shoidd Prof. Lexer adopt Dr. Bevan's suggestion

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and those of the skin and brain are depleted, the pulse is

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of the finger (Fig. 1) but with the ball of the finger (Fig. 2).

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invades the interior of the joint, where it comes in contact and

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frequent in young girls, causes infection of the appendix by

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we believe that these toxins are secretions of the living cells or result from

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to alcoholic excess, lues, or tuberculosis. On the day of admission

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ment, much can be done, and I shall give you my experience