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October 1st, 2017

Tinidazole Treatment Giardiasis

to thirty minutes. For rectal irritability give five to twenty

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the thumb and the forefinger of the left hand, introduce-

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AYiTH Explanatory Notes. By John W. Wainwright, jVI.D.

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in all cases in which an ischemic effect is desired, e. g., to

either metronidazole or tinidazole

though he did not see the subsequent development of the

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duodenum, but we have gone far enough to justify our asking

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method is giyen in detail and must be rigidly adhered to. In a series

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from "colds," tonsillitis, laryngitis, or bronchitis.

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system. Among the subjects written anew are ileo-colitis and

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were used. This patient died in three days, the result not

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culous process is considerably further advanced than we supposed

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Watkins, Thomas H., in collaboration with Corrigan,

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that time no blood was vomited. Following that he rapidly de-

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JOHN LiOVELL &SON, 23 St. Nicholas Street, Montreal, to whom all business comn;, i

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perties which make it an effective and gratifying remedy

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submucosa, muscularis, and peritoneum. The vessels are narrowed

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attendant pain, belching, and vomiting. Commoner is the chronic

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abscesses in the kidney and purulent infiltration of the parotid gland.


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1903, complaining of pain in the left side. The family history was

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did the following operation in two cases with good results. The patient

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ance Association in place of the late Sir Alexander Kirk-