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October 1st, 2017

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from seven to thirty days old were without effect. It is true that Todd
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scalp, forehead, upper and lower extremities and abdomen.
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this dietary causes a fall in the excretion of sugar and the acetone
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Studies in the Psychology of Sex —The Evolution of Mod-
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cases of suppurative or gangrenous perforative cholecystitis the opera-
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enjoyable, and we thank the author for the opportunity he has given
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course, in no way comparable with that of the Rdentgen
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quently is not — it is, of course, much more likely to be unilateral.
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means of a tube brought out through the loin : this
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in the diagnosis of the disease in cattle, it has been positively
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bacilli and the short duration of bacilluria at this stage. In the
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soaked in boiled water, to free it from grit, squeezed dry to
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tractions (which latter is generally conceded to be an effect of
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aspirin. Aspirin undergoes little or no change in the
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such influence on the lower i-ight portion of the thorax as to produce
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rence Marcus, Executive Assistant; Helen B. Eveline.
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are specific and produce specific antitoxic sera, but that the endotoxins
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Opinions may differ as to the suitability of the number of degrees
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condition in every case remains exactly the same and corresponds in