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October 1st, 2017

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which, in well-selected cases, soon exceeds manyfold that which
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pared with the blood infection, and the technical difficulties sur-
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Dislocations (See "Reporl of Progress in Orthopaedic
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strength of seventy-five to five hundred grains daily. I have
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diacetic acid. The ammonia fell from 2.0196 grams on March 31
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highly probable that, owing to imperfect digestion, fermenta-
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from doing harm in this direction, we will have accom-
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very small doses is usually needed during the first twenty-
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large amounts of carbohydrates (300 grams and more).
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rock crystal, which allow the ultra violet rays, which are in
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this reason it was advised very strongly to explore
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above referred to, of the 106 cases in the third stage, we find "Schall-
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taken not to induce shock or excite fear. An efficacious
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pills compared with Lucas' pure drops of life. Even in the legiti-
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the red corpuscles without causing symptoms till they had
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which arise from the endothelium or normal reticulum, and the
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the stomach. But there is one extremely misleading exception, and
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class of cases is where there remain "dead spaces" which
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Commonwealth, — the men of wealth, the men of large
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Of cholera, Chatterjee. (Tnd. Med. Gazette'), Jan.,
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various neuroses. The first half of the book is devoted almost
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that the acid varied in amount from 98.96 to 33.76, with an average
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schools, but it< success in one district will demon-
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entirely upon the general condition and resistance of the patient and
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shape of the waves differing when fluids or semisolids are employed.
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due to the identity of the two agglutinins, nor to a parallel method
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suffers he attributes to overfeeding, and he is certainly right to a
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the meeting. C. I>. Know] ton. President; Bradford
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the substitution of a vein for an artery, the use of local, intraneural,