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October 1st, 2017

Cyproheptadine Appetite Stimulant Infants

diseases renders it quite possible to obtain very excellent re-
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liquor sodje — have a more marked sedative action ujion the stomach
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into forcible action, so that expiration is intensified and
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patient into water lower than ninety-eight degrees. This
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average being five thousand or h^ss. Taken in c(mnection
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body tissues, the greater part probably coming from the destruction of
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the treatment of lupus and similar diseases by light, a lens
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British Association at the Toronto meeting in 1897, when
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stand the language in which their prescriptions are written,
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some about the possible increase of complications following more
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Litbiasis, teething, intestinal worms, irritation of the
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ounces), or the white of an egg in four ounces of cold
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tive agents seem to be, first, an inhibition of growth due to an in-
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in the main, all that could be desired, although we fail to see why the
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the organizations represented at the meeting, but also
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berculous infection. There is a conflict of opinion
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Leo found by this method that a half hour after a meal there was
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Tuberculosis. Dr. Maclmyre, of Glasgow, has an article on
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C. Morton Smith. M.D.. Chief of Department of Syph-
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final rupture into the lung, bronchus, esophagus, pleural cavity, or
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ment, repeated in a number of text-books on chemical diagnosis, to
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pital ; Medical Chemist to the Carney Hospital ; Visiting
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advance, and it is surprising how often the circumstances
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opened up a new field for antibacterial therapy which should be
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' Bull. et. mem. d. 1. soc. d. chir. d. Par., N. S., xxxi.
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stick sharpened to a fine point, a little absorbent cotton, a 95 per cent,
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asserted that protargol is one of the most important addi-
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development of flatus. If the mother is constipated the
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months I have had no asthmatic seizure, no pain, no head-
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Dr. L. Laberge, Health Officer, Montreal, spoke at 3ome
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of boils on the back of his neck and hands for fifteen months. He
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with an address and an urn of great value. The students of
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present in the vagina. Internal examinations aid their
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prolonged search to discover them in the ordinary smear.
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kraokbeiten, Zeitschrift f. Klin. Med., xvii, 1890, quoted by
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secretion, he believes, much can be learned. Perhaps he is right,
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first to close wounds of the hands and such minor work.
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will do more to train his intellectual faculties, to give him a