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October 1st, 2017

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intestinal catarrh may present great difficulty — and leaves the means

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The explanation lies ready to hand: (1) As I have shown in the

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reaction (let it be called what it may) has nothing whatsoever to

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So far as I can make out, the pain does not correspond to any

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practice consists of work in aiding the reformation of infant's

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Three other children are living and well. One child died of cholera

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tents after feeding woman's milk, cow's milk and water, cow's milk

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made in which 18 unselected infants, the entire content of a ward,

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unknown and for that matter in many adults, for coughing

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emy, will be held for the purpose of emphasizing to

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tion into the fossa navicularis. The author considers ich-

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human inquiry on other su))jects, and often in simpler proposi-

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for treatment by Dr. W. W. Babcock, March 26, 1907. She had

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examination of the pancreas has shown no lesions. If we compare

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consists in the employment of hypodermatic or intramuscular injec-

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as a simple reservoir, since its removal leads to func-

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downward or from side to side for a distance of one and

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these 50 cases was also studied by numerous gross and microscopic

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of human tuberculosis to animals had been placed beyond

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A limited number of reprints in pamphlet form, if desired, will be furnished

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of former ulcers. At Poupart's ligament is a deep depression, the

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ways exist and may be called into action when the main conducting

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growth, thus defeating the purpose of the operation. With this

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the prominent hip or hips, shortening of the limb, if single

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Transactions of the College of PHysicians. Philadel-

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November 21. Two days after admission the right pleural cavity

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the abdominal cavity after cholecystitis is an absolute

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chewed agreeable food a more or less active secretion of the gastric

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to draw the omentum down under the abdominal incision

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said to be more severe upon arising in the morning, and gradually

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was under the protection of the celebrated Fothergill,

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salpinx, in which there was a mortality rate of 74 per cent. Of the 48

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died and 17 have recovered, or at least were relieved of all symptoms.

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paper recited the history of a young girl from Glengarry

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fui, lends to hideous deformity, and causes prolonged

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In a number of normal urines tested the reaction has not been

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the date has been changed to June 17th to 20th, 1902. Dr.

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in pernicious anemia, lead poisoning, anemia from hemorrhage, and

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although some measure of protection against mosquito bites

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soil is we do not know. We do know that at the age of puberty