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October 1st, 2017

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the subject of stillbirth, takes up the. question of

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parasite, and had become convinced that the spherules at

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Health and Disease, Diet in. Julius Friedenwald and

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times simulate pen-appendicular inflammation. There is a

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A number of new chapters have been added, among others one

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from all parts of the world. The non-transmissibility of

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the Thvroid Gland. (Annals of Surgery, Jan., 1922>

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has been adopted to prevent repttiiion, to i)resent as concise a de-

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to congenital weakness because of prematurity, caused

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tions that may exist between disturbed physiological activity and

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forms agglutinins which are capable of agglutinating both kinds of

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most of his confrires will not agree with him. The author recom-

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M. F. Porter, Ft. Wayne, Ind., argues for the early

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in the dilated vessels of the abdomen, can be brought back

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way possible. An examination in a room in which, from unexcluded

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his method of inducing peristaltic action as soon as possible

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Girls are affected more frequently than boys, but the disparity in num-

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is equivalent to 5.25 parts of protein," instead of 6.25), judicious

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bile and contained numerous stones. The spleen was congested

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small community, with much competition. — fifty-cent

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as a disease belonging essentially to the realm of internal medicine,

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Members are urged to report interesting cases mor<

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Mackay" reports a syphilitic ulcer with hematemesis in a young

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diagnosis and treatment are brought out here with ample fullness.

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the matter careful consideration, unless unduly prejudiced,

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izing Cure of Hay Fever " before the American Medical

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does not depend upon the dose, but upon the diffusion of

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greater over dense infiltrations than over infiltrations of less degree,