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October 1st, 2017

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In comparatively rare instances infantile colic arises

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sufficient for a radical cure, and that thereby many more sufferers

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Pease (Annals of Surgery, 1909, xlix, 385) reports a study of 300

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pensary, where L843 cases,— 893 whites and 950 Ne-

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Like statistics, for both children and adults, presented by Pe-

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More recently, however, owing to various lesions found

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ness to 56 Thomas Street, New York. The reason for re-

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action of the cardiac muscle in the presence of a pathologi-

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and scrotum, the bowels emi)tied, chloroform adminis-

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small intestines ; acute pain at the umbilicus, with pale circles

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sions, irregular and round were found. The borders were indu-

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the portion of the duct above the duodeiuim, but at a somewhat more

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It is rather the fibrosing varieties that are accompanied by

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your bills in a business-like way, but never bemean your vocation

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intra-articular exploration, should be avoided, since a movable,

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Oddi: Arch. ital. de biol., 1887, Vol. viii, p. 317.

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Bishop Creighton's death may fairly be attributed, as was that of Bishop

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and finally all the joints of the body become affected. In these cases

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at once. It should be removed in twelve hours ; under no

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by an intermission which lasts until a reduction occurs naturally

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useful to overcome concentration and hyperacidity of the