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October 1st, 2017

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region of the sciatic nerve promptly relieves sciatica. He

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published by A. C. McClurg 6^ Co., seems destined to serve the same purpose

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Francis P., Martin, Franklin II., and Mayo, William

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the earliest medical treatise extant, together with transcription into hierogly-.

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he was commissioned its surgeon, and remained such till it

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tissues themselves there are diffuse infiltrations, with necrosis and

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directing the patient to throw the head well back, and placing

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levels. The ambitious education goals agreed upon by

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the tendons of the two flexors, and division of thia strand

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the cases reported; (4) that the diagnosis of early malignancy in the

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nothing had given such prompt and marked relief as full

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which he thought were composed of compact groups of thickened

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over the vagi must be resorted to in accordance with the

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that "the patient does not require to pay any further attention to

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consisting of well chopped meat (5 ounces), fresh pancreas

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Typhoid Bacilli in Stomach Contents Containing Bile. — Utilizing a contri-

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Surgical Journal, 126 Massachusetts' Ave., Boston, Mass.

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and streptococcic infections of the urine, which are not at all

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