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October 1st, 2017

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power of the state and are criminal, and not civil,

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Canadian Agent : Charles Roberts, 1524 Ontario Street, Mon-

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Typhoid Fever Urine is infectious, and should be as

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its diagnostic and pathological features to those here detailed as

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soluble combination of theosinamin with sodium salicylate, 2 c.c. cor-

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Text-book of Phy.siology) that some foods contain substances capable of effecting the secretion,

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tuted. Where the extremities are effected special baths

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patient in the recumbent posture the jugular veins could always be

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syphilis as a true cause of retinitis pigmentosa has not been estab-

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To Ivaboulbene® is justly given the credit of reporting the first

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ary drainage" should be attempted only in carefully

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murmur transmitted out into the axilla. For this murmur they suggest

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dent upon normal conditions. The mammary glands, for exami)le, are stimulated to hyi)er-

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tinued as soon as possible, and meat-broth and cereals

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where the surroundings are such as to render an o|>eration

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consistency, and apparently made up of small nodules so closely

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Apart from the very interesting and accurate report

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A ^Manual of Midwifery. By Thomas Watts Eden, IVI.D.,

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round with lint or other suitable material soaked in cold

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of post-operative reaction, and it is this uncertainty

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some change takes place in the scalp that renders it no longer a

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other matters, to the importance of radiography with bismuth pastes

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children in 1906, one was due to wiiooping-cough. It is chiefly a disease

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and serve your generation well, fashion your conduct in accordance

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operation is preferable. It can be performed in from twenty

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tive. So far as concerns newborn infants the accumulated observa-

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tlie sacculated form. 1 ouly contend that in the majority

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actually exposed a nodosity in the profundus tendon at the

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yourself not unworthy of this I'niversity, or of that i)rofes-

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through it, but they as often declined my advances. If I

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basis it has been eminently successful. The following is a brief