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October 1st, 2017

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quantity of blood in the right lung, due to twice the

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The signs of inflammation, both in the walls of the follicles and the

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Further, you are now members of the regular medical profes-

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thorax (Fig. 3). This showed an abnormal shadow behind the heart

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were inoculated, with the characteristic results and autopsy findings.

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neighborhood. Loose no time in ordering these officious

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later she had to be aspirated a third time. She went through a

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bent at elbow, etc. Such an arm and hand are worthless for

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Resulting from Paralysis — B. E. McKenzie, Toronto.

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otid glands, involving all forms of digestive disorders

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and important diseases which affect the intestinal tract. Moreover,

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G Shipley. .">. The Pellagra Problem and its Rcla-

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3. Localized recurrent carcinoma will usually yield to the Rontgen

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those authors who believe that this co-existence is proof of a congenital

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laterality. Lebar and Jacquet^ have shown that a hemihyperes-

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tion. the decision tor or againsl axillary dissection

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and Professor of Clinical Gynecology in Bishop's University, Montreal ; Fellow

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such cases have been observed by Da Costa," Holmes/^ and others.

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and pain in the gums of a child would seem to be of this

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differ from bacilli grown in artificial media in the same way as the

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dissemination of the organism from the patient. The first measures

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the edges. The mucosa is sutured separately and the

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three and a bottle-fed baby every four hours. This conclu-

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to empty the heart, and then returned to the horizontal

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their similarity in appearance to epithelial cells.

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their effective exposure is followed by infection with almost mathe-

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observed by Bogen, strong emotions can so profoundly disarrange

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hospital for nervous diseases; and the president, Mr. Mayo

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in collected form, and the latest and most practical methods of