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October 1st, 2017

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cough is accompanied by little or no expectoration. Like

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due more to its antiseptic properties than to its action as an irritant.

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rom intelligent families it is evident that, except

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amlodipine diltiazem and verapamil are which of the following

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from a lymphosarcoma or a pseudoleukemia. They advise strong

verapamil tablet mga 120mg

considerable interest. Bauman isolated an iodine-containing sub-

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were inherent in the iinp(>rfect methods (hie to a former want of

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means of a chloride of methyl spray. The relief thus

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the London Hospital for the treatment, by light, of lupus

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irrigation is still sub judice. Many operators are of the

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solution of nitrate of silver. — BlERHOFF. (A^. Y. Medical

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The unit used for expressing is the amount of sugar that can be formed

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House Hills. 60, 98, 598, 717. 750, 1454, 1484, i I. M I

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condition was unsatisfactory after operation, he was only able to

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physiology, medicine, surgery, obstetrics, neurology, psychiatry,

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11 Jones, Harrold O. : Surg. Gynec. and Obst, 1921, October, Vc-i.

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tion, in which, owing, to the excessively acid condition of

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and white meats, avoiding milk and starchy foods. The

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Dr. F. J. Shepherd, of Montreal, proposed a vote of

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either removed or injured. Xow, sets of symptoms observed in

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Having as a preliminary carefully noted the character of the per-

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favorable medium, any typhoid organism coming down the ureter

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Fio. 15. Photomicrograph of a dilated gland of endometrial

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been extensive damage to the vital organs the treatment

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t}"phoid case reported by Xapier and Buchanan, in which the

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however, it extends over longer and longer periods, and finally

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rotic, the irritative, and the reflex. The authors find,