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October 1st, 2017

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tion of other parts, viz., the posterior sensory roots and the
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cases with degenerative lesions, I would fear the possible
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galactose. Their experiments showed that agar-agar formed galactose
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ebr 8, 1921) presents the results of his experiments
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upon a slight tap (e. g., in the lateral part of the fossa infraclavicularis),
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attended by digestive disturbances, and later the refinements of
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rhythmic pressure u})on tlie thorax is J)rought to a maximum. The
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velopment of the nervous system is not complete, and its
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progressive increase of this weakness or from trifling accident,
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for the United States. $7.56 per year for all foreign countries be-
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might be said that these cases were not due to perforated
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retracting and radiating scars of the intestine, besides involvement
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ular casts or devour them entirely in a short time.
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increase of the connective tissue at the expense of the parenchyma.
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apparatus the red rays of the S3lar spectrum are absorbed by
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the modern irrigation treatment and considering their
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having at least a few of the meetings of the Council
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M. Sig. : An ounce of the solution may be given in,
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no one will deny. And practical results fully justify the a
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made and the fluid is being injected beneath the skin. The needle
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That pepsin, pancreatin and the various diastasic ferments
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involvement were marked in an unreported case shown by Dr.
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rheumatism the torments of hell for six weeks ; cured in
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applies the former term to ' ' those cases in which
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matic nodes. The toxemia accounts, no doubt, for the greater part of
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and Galicians, were perhaps the most valuable portion of it.
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disease, we have, at first, advised complete rest, with
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I forego sketching the reform brought about in one generation in