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October 1st, 2017

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general tuberculosis, namely, of the peritoneum, intestines, lungs, and
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malpractice or from the nostrum vendor. Search out the
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system for the administration of matters of public health.
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physicians intending to make Winnipeg the central point of
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be famished free one hundred eight-page reprints, without covers,
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St. 1911, c. 751. Part HI, s. 7. as amended by St. 1912.
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effected, hypodermic injections of strychnia and the extract
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to the accepted types of serum immunity and of phagocytosis.
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in the explorers of the arctic regions. A similar inflamma-
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are discharged, to find out their physical condition,
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College for some years previous to its election had not been,
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In the relation of drainage to the abdominal cavity it is
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sutures, interrupted or continuous. The retracted rectus
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lesions. The remedy influences the toxemia of the disease and
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the internal laryngeal branch of the superior laryngeal
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effective and the least harmful. Spirits of camphor, oint-
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of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Sixth edition. Pp. 536; 225 illus-
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This is a modification of the intra-muscular method of
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sue, as the Roentgen rays do, is a great desideratum. The
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The largest share of his work is in connection with the
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Mr. j\I., aged twenty-seven years, a clerk, was well until about
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think ii Is n"i as dark as the gentleman would Indi-
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they do not simply crumble and pass out as smaller hard
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Sir William Hingston, of Montreal, took a very strong
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nourishment than cellulose derived from white cabbage. The prepara-
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between them, I might appeal to the totally diff"ering mor-
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in. growth. 7/5 -Blood culture negative. 7/3 — ■
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was a tendency to fix upon the epithelium of the pulmonary alveoli
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fresh courage ; they knew the British regulars were marching to
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