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October 1st, 2017

Depakote Overdose Die

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Puerperal sepsis in nearly all cases is due to germs

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Frequency of Typhoid Bacilluria. In determining statis-

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the law of gravitation would, if used, prove as immutable

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scrubbing. A large piece of cotton, wet with bichloride, is

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in the Rectum, Charles E. Howard. Cincinnati. Ohio.

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Landis. Philadelphia. 8. Some Clinical Observations

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extremely hard to demonstrate. In two cases of acute miliary

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throat symptoms do not lead to suppuration of the middle

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during which she never had a full night's J'est. Her

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contained in the large phagoc}i;ic cells of the lymph glands, soon lost

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lie concludes that the lung tends to maintain a high

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in the dorsoventral and ventrodorsal diameters. Recently I used

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is incomplete, and that the fracture is rather a bending than

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The old-fashioned country doctor, with his saddle bags

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against charlatans and those practising without a license.

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gathered in the last two years of the war, gives quite

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and a few are still fighting. The rest, having escaped, return-

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duced by the disease he is treating, but he also has at his command

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which at first is unaffected, decreases gradually until finally the

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frequently sterile, the production of intense supra-

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nic bronchitis whose cough appears with the cold weather

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the sputum by a number of observers. The serinn of whooping-cough

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Watkins, Thomas H., in collaboration with Corrigan,

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report. As already stated, in Legueu's case there developed a re-

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the cases of throml)osis, embolism, aneurysm, or traumatic solu-

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while modifying the McGraw elastic ligature so as to substitute

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' Diseases of the Liver, 1867. * Guy's Hospital Reports, xxxvi.

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Winslow and Lochridge. Jour. Infec. Dis., 1906, iii, 547.

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and yet we know that this terrible consumptive death rate is

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Case XXXI.^ — Mr. G. R., aged forty-four years, was referred by

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jfood or cathartics in the stomach, and its logical remedy

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in 16 cases very little pain was felt. Patients seenjed to suffer far less

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covers. The book has so long served as a vade mecum for stu-

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Fig. 2. — The centre of a liver lobule, showing a large number of endothelial cells lying

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the undue effusion into the bronchial tubes, induced by the

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out the addition of more acid will resist the enzyme.

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tion and curetting, which were immediately permanently cured

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