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October 1st, 2017

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The diet should be an absolute milk and water diet for
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that one-half second exposures are necessary to define sharply the
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instances there is an empyema, and hence the necessity of
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tion is present, as is sometimes seen after influenza, it is
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and the oxybutyric acid fell somewhat, the sugar (91.94 grams) and
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obscure cases he employs what he describes as a tri-manual
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germinal centres in many of the lymph follicles are well shown, but
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spection of the untrained laity. Some of the traps devised are:
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and unanimously adopted : — " Resolved, that in view of the
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should be strictly forbidden* in cases of peritonitis,
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proven by the experiments on dogs of removing the sensory-
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into a consideration of the various theories which have been advanced
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Relation to Dyspnea, Arch. Int.- Med., Vol. 20, 1917, p. 443.
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always emplo}', so as to avoid the danger of hemorrhage
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and realizing the infrequency of scirrhous pancreatitis in childhood,
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of the conjunctival reaction, its uncertainty and its danger to the eyes.
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2.2. This method is open to error from the presence of other levoro-
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The drugs that are in use for paralysis agitans, and from
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test may supply the final proof of a cure, just as subcutaneous
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The peroxide is practically as good as the dioxide, except
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points are rigid. In the upper abdomen in the upright position a nega-
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heart disease of childhood are, in the majority of cases, referable to the
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intestinal tract. The causes of infantile colic are : (1)
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extension of infection to the wound in cases of pelvic pus accumulations.
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studied and compared. The following general conclu-
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The heart muscle was healthy, even close to the auriculoventricular
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considered flattering, nor is praise necessary, yet the new two-
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