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October 1st, 2017

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cancer in the underlying breast develops Paget':; dis-

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then passed through a bichloride solution (i : 200). Just

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irritation of the nerves at the periphery. In cases in

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precipitations, and this through the stagnation of the bile.

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or lint is placed over the opening, topped by a piece of plaster,

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man from those which are incapable of doing so. And it

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as malignant and inoperable. The true nature of the

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rhage, shock, or anesthetic complications may leave the cortex in total

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Rubrah. John Ferrier (Annals of Medical History iii,

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stone is apt to pop out. The edges of the bladder are now

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little attraction for the mass of even cultivated persons at

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only which is bound to the protein that acts in peptic digestion,

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been diseased. While the intercostal muscles are not very large,

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tion of food, and is not accompanied by local tenderness.

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few points from his view of the matter of conditions as

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tumor behind the chiasm, compressing and flattening an otherwise

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addressed to the Editor, Box 2174. Post Office- Montreal.

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Children's Hospital, even with weakly East End children, a

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risks by a careful period of preparation ; that such a

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Published by the Year Book Publishers, Chicago, 111.

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and many lack a characteristic history of colic. In

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unjudicial, Caspar says, after mentioning Fuller and Watson: "In

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to 100 c.c. of cow's milk could be added 0.324 gram of hydrochloric

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Cases of the same character were recorded by Blondeau^ in his

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It is only permissible to do an incomplete operation

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in advanced chronic cases, with irvduration of the various-

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thoroughly revised so as to bring this branch of medical science up

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of the .shoulder have been reported, so far as I could find,

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ment are lower, and the administration of enormous quantities of

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in 1864, by iNIurchison'^ in 1873, and by Liebermeister" in 1874. In

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whether a milk diet in typhoid fever does not add to the

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Mrs. Archibald Little's "Peking Revisited," in The Living Age for

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and extend upward, and, gradually diminishing in size, communicate

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than others to infection by it. ^Miat the peculiar condition of the

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means of combatting the evil they have to face, the success

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family having a scarlet fever patient shoidd not be permitted to attend

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contribute in its formation. It will be noted that there are three

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in all cases in which an ischemic effect is desired, e. g., to

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on the line of suture. When the edges of the bladder

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ward the promontory by means of a probe armed with a

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one-half inches has given complete satisfaction, — 8t. Jjouis

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reverse is the case. Deep down in the hearts of the people there

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involved the bowels should be moved by enemata alone

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portions of the recti after splitting their sheaths was devised