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October 1st, 2017

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all of these agents hardened the grains to a certain degree and gave

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diet; hygienic measures recommended were carried out faith-

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as could be desired. In the absence of an uncompHcated, practicable

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every four hours in a glass of milk or cold water. 1 he pa-

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important statistics thus graphically illustrated : "Accessions

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plate growth at different periods and various temperatures. Cover

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been free from recurrence for a period of two years.

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JOHN LiOVELL &SON, 23 St. Nicholas Street, Montreal, to whom all business commt:^

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fever. As I have already indicated, in a large number of

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our occasional consciousness of them to'the erethism their stimulation

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group) and the polysymptomatic (nervous dyspepsia), he analzyes

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with frequent opportunities afforded me for the inspection

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been made on people dying from the disease. He referred

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hyperthyroidism, for instance, in Graves' disease, th(>re is a relative

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deaths occurring, and the disease prevailed fully as much

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studies of the hemoglobin of normal individuals in Berne, Switzerland,

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cases of ulcerative cystitis, which fortunately are rare, would seem

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There is a wide difference in opinion as to the mean-

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of evolution differentiates the higher animals from the lower; (3) the

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del's own experiments showed that the greater part of these carbohy-

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rwlucing the fever, and at the same time cause the skin and

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desired to produce a crop of boils, how could we do better than to

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described above, an incision is made over the affected por-

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cities as well as in (lie rural communities is through

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to some extent also, its manipulation. Mr. W. E. Collins, 584

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Firstly, we hold that a hygienic treatment should be

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fluid or after washing witii normal saline solution. The extracts were

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by its use or disuse and by the general nutritive integrity of the

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one-half reappeared twice or more frequently. The favorable

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Tuberculosis. Dr. Maclmyre, of Glasgow, has an article on

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as well as gallstones in the bile passages of the left lobe of the liver.

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normal lung sound, serve as a basis for determining the degree of

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n^ricourt, and by Bertin and Picq, for I think that there-

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Cheesecloth cut into strips or squares is rendered alka-

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that he has seen good results follow the internal administra-

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and consecjuent permanent baldness. Inasmuch as the individual

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explanation of the rigidity of the abdominal muscles in the presence

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a rare condition. He reports three kinds of cases: (a) Ulcers

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The Glands Regulating Personality. By Louis Berman, M.D. 258

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All communications for the Jotirnal, books for review, and exchanges, shoulC 0«

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almost completely this power and itself developed very soon active

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Council and which could be supplemented by legislation by

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Zf'if. f. C/tir., 1!)()9, xcviii, \) rcjxtrts a study of 132 cancers of the

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phor, seems to afford relief. Flushing the throat by means

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or, if this be found too irritating, they prescribe a -mixture

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however, when the tissues down to and including the bone