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October 1st, 2017

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think that the cardiovascular system of tabetics suffers from the repe-
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the fact that aortic reflex murmurs are constantly over-
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The injection should be administered slowly, without much
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w^ould have made a good paper; presented in book form, it is some-
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by Dr. W. C. Hollopeter for a tumor involving the gastrocnemius
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microbic infection develops, and in those in which after narcosis the
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In breech cases the finger in the groin was the only method of making
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in chiropractic are sincere and feels that the whole
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numbers. Additional measures against these foci of infection now
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of corrosive sublimate, generally i to loou. After the parts
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in his younger days; and then he was one of the brightest
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losis, and in other conditions which may be confounded
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fore and alter operation, the pathological report or
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plant, with such a large number of employees, supply
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test was negative and a diagnosis of sarcoma made. A
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sible. He then cautiously transferred to man the experiences thus
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gut. The dressing used was collodion and cyanide gauze,
find bis greatest usefulness in the field of preventive
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(ball-valve tumors in the uterus, ])ressure of tumors at uterine cornua
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gap between the margins of the tear in the anterior })art, produced
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fibromyomas of the uterus are congenital, Schenck is unwilling to accept
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to dislike it ; indeed, attention is often drawn to the fact
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are early cases which are not diagnosticated as soon as they should
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and exerts no trophic influence. Guerrini'^ has proved experi-
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In all wounds of large vessels produced by puncture, gun-
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we may not rely upon the oft-repeated dictum of Legueu with refer-
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place in tissues which have been primarily in an aseptic conditiorv.
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sustaining a fracture of the skull and laceration of the brain, from
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Etiology. It has been claimed that adiposis dolorosa may
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the open balconies at Sharon in the coldest weather
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and^that the fat physiologically stored there is not given up. Klebs
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flected upward without injury to the circumflex nerve. In his
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years I have been following out that thought, which is to