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October 1st, 2017

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own case, or the failure to grasp the whole situation clearly

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which the cough was referred to as nervous. With our ad-

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in the skin of the upper lids on both sides. No jaundice. Diaphragm

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few segments only, and a heterolateral probably in the anterior

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burgh. Pp. 475; loo illustrations. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's

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tion of thyroid extract may cause symptoms resembling those of

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appointed Medical Superintendent of the Western General

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may believe was an instance of auricuiovontricular dissociation is

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Iodide of potash is another valuable drug in diagnosis.

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tion of thyroid extract may cause symptoms resembling those of

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given with the idea of reducing the acidity of the stomach may have

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moting digestion without the presence of HCl or lactic acid; and

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Hospital, where she underwent two opf^rations on the

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double wages if called upon to work after hours —grinds the

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In evidence of the low organic acidity of this latter stage, Roper

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child, wa^ the tendency to develop a lateral curva-

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veloped disease two types of eruption are observed: vesicopapules

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which the cough was referred to as nervous. With our ad-

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per cent, of individuals cough after irritation of the external

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young lady, a patient of the author's, who was also suffer-

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sublimate in a teaspoonful of the essence of pepsin makes a

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