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October 1st, 2017

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(X 1 /^). A puckering of the broad ligaments is indicated at I

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denies veneral disease. She drinks beer, but not to excess.

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tion on this interesting subject. Dr. Shoemaker has analyzed the

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calories. In fever there is approximately an increased heat pro-

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young infant could be made to swallow if held in an upright position

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marked infiltration of the broad ligaments, however,

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I have been interested in the occurrence of typhoid bacilli in the

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structures through the deltoid under the guidance of the finger in the

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of the bile and the pancreatic secretion, which relieves

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forceps was always tentative and never forcible. The lowest forceps

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due to some damage to the intercostal nerves. Whether they were

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72 per cent, of organic matter and 28 per cent, of inorganic matter,

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especially the vasomotor center acting reflexly through

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stituents of the urine are often profoundly altered ; the urine

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chin downwards, a wide extravasation of blood was observed

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application of drugs) fur studenis." Just what form the physician's

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of the right forearm; the dilution used so I hat 1/50

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was a suggestive case for studying the esophageal cough.

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stir up a spirit of envy among Canadian practitioners. The medi-

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devotes a large portion of his space to an able discussion of

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week, shortly before I saw her. But she had no other vomiting

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says that typhoid fever in the corps in Algeria is almost as great as in

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in 39 cases; 23 patients complained (jf a sensation of fulness and tension

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trations, of which 40 are coloured, D. Appleton & Co., New

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sage and movements are stiffness and pain ; but before they

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sensitive nerves. They become exhausted easily, however, and by

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patient but equally so to the surgeon. By this method

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is the all)umin of cow's milk; it is of a |)ure white color and is readily

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othermse would become sterile and do no harm. During the last six