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October 1st, 2017

Lioresal Syrup Uses

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secondly, as immediate poisons. The younger the patient
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fever in the temperate regions of the United States would
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L. J. HiRSCHMAN {Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc, 1908, li, 1125) reported
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<5 . & . , • ^ - . . . . . . .■ W L ' . J > ~ — : 5! Po* *j S
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Every general surgeon has upon his list one or more
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burns, as the result of one application, and most interesting
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a method similar to a method of catgut sterilization pre-
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the nose, throat and ears, and not only this, but the whole
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of connective tissue have increased considerably, and frequently
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grains daily. Calomel is useful in the first stage. If
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A Simple Method for the Determination of the Diastolic Blood Pressure. —
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part antiseptic, it also allows the discharge to dry on the
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In newborn infants Rosenberger^ never found complete agglu-
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and surgery of the sj inal roots. The article is in-
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skin — much of which recovers itself after the removal of
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the child's heart sounds became slower than normal, and the head was
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The palpation is best done by gently pressing the tips of the fingers
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whatever causes the death may markedly alter the constitution of
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wound infections of different origins and surgical infectious diseases.
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instance, sodium salicylate — is employed to keep the tem-
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disease. 2.6 per cent, of the cases occurred in the male breast. One
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lioresal syrup uses
Diuretic. Jour. Pharm. and Exp. Therap., Vol. IV, 491, 1913.
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directed to correcting the condition of the stomach and
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Subscription Price^ %i.oo f>er annum in advance. Singit
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usually successful in preventing hemorrhage. These conclu.
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proper course on such lines we will seriously object to the
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was made to keep away from the central part of the spinal
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menced practice in Richmond, Q., as successor to Dr.
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in all probability, a congenital weakness of the muscular tissue of the
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matory enlargement of the head of the pancreas is a common
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results quite frequently either during the acute illness or is due to