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October 1st, 2017

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(rraves' disease, such as increase in pulse rate, excitability, and in
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ployed. In those cases in which resection is .not feas-
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hourly day and night until the ulcers are clearing up. He keeps his
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as well as enlightenment. They reflect their author, always a
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relief is sought after the attack has been in progress one or
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alkalies in the treatment of urinary acidity, in urinary sand or gravel,
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Levy, '. S. Essential Haematurla (S. G. O., January,
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from the urine. It is a moot question whether the elimination
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be his personal duty to assist in attaining the end desired.
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Mili.vii.i.i: {Worcester). Add this beading and enter
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This latter proceeding was to insure a constant temperature at
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the domain of medical practice. The chapter upon intermenstrual
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Geh. u. (rijn., I'.jOS, Ixiii, .5(Jj reports a case of adenoma of the cervix
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experience and many facts of animal experimentation
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stream of water from a syringe, I believe it is better to bring
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teria in order to accomplish any results, and they are, for the most
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the gall-bladder long enough to multiply and gain, as it
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We had the pleasure of reading the first part of this work for
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right hypochondrium became very severe, and the temperature rose
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Congress will be memorable in the history of the movement
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double wages if called upon to work after hours —grinds the
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not to be very difficult or very expensive. Tt would
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cough, and for this reason, the use of narcotics may be
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Mr. Koch's statistics are strikingly at variance with our
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twenty to twenty-four hours between the injections was allowed to elapse.
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Infections of the • rinary Tract in Infants and Chil-
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fact that it usually produced gastritis in these little patients,
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coxa vara (which is, practically speaking, fracture of the