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October 1st, 2017

Antabuse Implant

decomposable bismuth compound for years ; in fact, indefi-

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pletely occluded. Few small bronchiectatic cavities varying in size

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an equal number occurring in these two; 73 per cent, were over fifty

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Very little has as yet been attempted in the prophylactic use of

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tunately his mode of procechue has not })roved practicable in tliis

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Crook (Phil. Med. Jour.) mentions the patient's surround-

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that sodium chloride has a distinct influence in increasing the coagula-

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thrombi group, nearly all die, associated, as they are, with unusually

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that are affected, the rubber tissue gloves now for sale at all

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conclusions: (1) That in cases of nervous deafness attacks demonstrat-

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Humane Association, W. < i. Stillman. Reply, Leon-

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action was suppo.sed to be reflexly through the nerves, but since the work of Popielski, Bayliss,

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more than one-third of the number of cases, the mortality

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A.drenal Glands, A Study of the Relation of the, To

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warrant the conclusion that the inhibitory factor in the urine is

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the pelvic organs, splanchnoptosis and movable kidney, and post-

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methodically carried out for some months. As might be

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every four to eight hours. The average duration of this

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Snlllvnn. William Joseph, Lawrence. 27.°> Haverhill

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Lionel Alexander Burnet Street, Los Angeles, Calif.

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is this opinion that if the latter was administered, and

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which alone were attended with a pulse at the wrist." The next

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region. Begins as a group of rounded, small, pin-head-

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left on the gauze an even layer of white snow at a temperature of 79°

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The process gradually extends and involves the dif-

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or concerning which there is a difference of opinion; it is with some

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vessels. A grooved director is then passed from below upward

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(Piquet) reactions. Their material was composed of surgical cases,

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Dr. J. A. Gillespie (M. D., Bishop's, 1901), who has

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