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October 1st, 2017

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due to some other organism. Vincent, in 1200 cases of t\'phoid

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tric Ulcer and Its Treatment," by Joseph M. Patton, M.D. ; "The

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and acetone bodies. The supposed efficacy of this diet lies in the

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why the earliest tables (White's and Cabot's) — 210 cases with a

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fibrous tissue, which is diffusely infiltrated with polymorphonuclear

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use of the ordinary nasal spray with a weak solution of

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was a general typhoid bacteremia, and the autopsy showed multiple

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Davis. D. I., and Poynter, C. W .31. Congenital Occlu-

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diately with ammonium sulphate; the other after twenty-four hours

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absent on both sides. The knee jerks are slightly increased on both

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shows that the ventricular contractions are regular, and that each

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Rectum. Mauger states that Leudet and Hutinel have each re-

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francs per cubicmeter. The result is excellent physically, chemically, and

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embraces nearly every condition that can be imagined, with the

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soaked in boiled water, to free it from grit, squeezed dry to

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The group of marantic thrombi is interesting. The name was

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did not have this effect. Lange was the first to inject normal salt solu-

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portation of the disease from outside, and can, so to speak,

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has })eeii j)laced uy)on the use of the various cauterants, which require

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I have also his personal assurance that such was the case. (5) As the

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duced a monograph furnishing accurate information upon every

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addressed to the Editor, Box 2174, Post Ofilce- Montreal.